Various types of programmes initiated for sometime past continued during the year and they can be categorized under :-

   I) Child Education & Health

a. Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme
b. Residential Ashram School
c. Open Shelter for Children in Need of Care & Protection
d. Integrated Programme for Street Children
e. Sikshalaya Prakalpa

   II) Information Technology

a. Uttaran Institute for Information Technology (UIIT)

   III) Other Programmes

a. Shelter for Urban Homeless
b. Self Help Group formation


   IV) Entrepreneurship Development Programme

a. EDP on Rural Entrepreneurship Generation Programme
b. EDP on Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme
c. EDP on Food Processing
d. EDP on Computer Assembly and Servicing

   V) Networking with different like minded organizations

   VI) Programmes launched and completed

a. Balwadi Nutritional Programme
b. Non formal education
c. Condensed Course on Education
d. Social Animators’ Training
e. Orientation of Voluntary Workers in rural development
f. Awareness on Water, Environment and arsenic contamination
g. Irrigation
h. Docu serial of CAPART
i. Cashew nut processing
j. Weaving
k. Installation of smokeless chullah
l. Low Cost Housing Project
m. Public Health and Low Cost Sanitation
n. Garhsalboni Area Development Project

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