Intervention Paradigm Sangh considers family as the basis of development. Two crucial members of the family are the children and the mother. The children of weaker section of the communities suffer from endemic health problems and lack of motivation towards education. Women on the other hand are considered minor stakeholders of the family having almost no say in decision making. These two phenomena are drawbacks for development of any community since no family can prosper without the active participation of the women folk. Unhealthy children with no education lead a community towards decadence. The development priorities of a given community should therefore be directed towards the children who should be provided with primary health facilities and basic education. Similarly, women who remain underdog in the family should be empowered through self-employment opportunities to raise their self-esteem and status in the family. Development paradigm of the HSS therefore centers round intervention in education, health and nutrition of the children in the 0 – 14 age group through different kinds of institutional arrangements like crèche, primary school and center for street children. For the women, self help groups are devised to heighten their level of awareness, their status in the family and their duties towards education and health of their children through a combined programme of self-employment and awareness.

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